19 Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Website

Unfortunately, even the best REALTOR® website alone doesn’t have the power to convert a prospect into a visitor.

1. Prospect > 2. Website Visitor > 3. Active Lead > 4. Customer

Prospects are people in your target audience who don’t even know about your website yet and who’ve probably never been there. Once they visit your website, some of these people can be converted into active leads by interacting with forms, calls to action, contact info, etc. From there it’s up to you to contact them and convert them into a customer.

However, your website itself is not calling out to them, nor are they Googling you by name. In other words, they have no way of finding your site if you don’t lead them there.

It’s your job to send as many prospects to your website as you can, and to make sure the website is armed with powerful real estate lead-capture[1] functions.

Imagine this: You’re hosting an open house but not inviting any prospects or promoting it anywhere, not even on MLS®. You’re also not going to attend the open house yourself or leave any business cards… You’d be lucky if one person showed up or stuck around.

Your open house is one tool in your toolbelt, and so is your real estate website[2]. The more relevant prospects you invite to it, the higher possibility that your site will convert them into active leads, and eventually customers..

We want you to embrace one fact today: Your real estate website will work for you when you begin putting it to work for you. With that said, here are 19 ways you can put it to work for you this month.

*Note, some of these tactics may be too time consuming or outside of your wheelhouse – always consider hiring a 3rd party local marketing expert or designer who has experience working with REALTORS®. (We do websites, not marketing.)

1. Email Signature

An email signature is the predefined signoff you created that shows at the footer of all your emails. Make sure your website is accessible through your email signature. You could simply type out your website domain, or you could get a bit creative and use a call to action that links to your website. For example, “Find out what your home is worth for free here.” It’s not going to be your most powerful marketing channel by any stretch. And still, prospects who visit your website through your email signature are always there for a reason.

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