If You Are Incorporated And Playing Domain Name Roulette Consider This New Option


In December of 2018, I went out on my own and started my own leadership firm, The Pontefract Group. After twenty-five years of corporate and public sector experience centred on the concept of leadership, I felt it was time to build my own company.

When I launched The Pontefract Group—like so many others do when they start a business—I hired a lawyer and an accountant. They helped me with all the nuances of actually getting the firm up and running. I needed a business license, taxation numbers, insurance, and so on. The list seemed endless.

And then, one day shortly after that, I was in business. I was incorporated. Pontefract Group Inc. was born. But I still needed a website. What to choose?

Related but tangential, in early 2019 I committed to writing my fourth book with my publisher. It’s a book dedicated solely to leadership. It will publish in the fall of 2020. After all, if my firm becomes dedicated to all things leadership, it makes sense to write a book on the subject.

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