Still No Media Coverage? This Press Release Guide is Helping Businesses Get Seen

If that doesn’t produce results, use a tool like Hunter[11] that will provide an email formula for an outlet. Or simply connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

You can also distribute your news release using an distribution service, such as:

These companies send your release to journalists based on their specific interests and also publish it on their website. Each service offers a variety of options, and costs can vary greatly, ranging from $69 to a few thousand dollars.

Another option is to hire a public relations professional[12] who can write and distribute a press release for you. These professionals often have existing relationships with the press and may be able to get you media coverage more easily.

If your news is time sensitive, such as an event or announcement, send it to reporters a few days beforehand so they have time to craft their story. If you want news outlets to hold off on publishing, release it under embargo, which is a request that reporters not publish information until a specific date. If you really need something kept secret, make sure to only offer embargoed news to outlets you trust.

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