Still No Media Coverage? This Press Release Guide is Helping Businesses Get Seen

New partnerships 

If you team up with another company or non-profit, it could be newsworthy. A press release announcing partnerships can be a smart marketing tool for both companies. 

If you want to successfully execute this type of press release, make sure to:

  • Write an overview of each company
  • Explain why the partnership was created
  • Include who is benefiting from the partnership
  • Add any extra details for current and future partners


Rebranding is often a challenge for businesses both big and small. Customers may end up confused if their brands change identity overnight. A press release announcing your rebrand can help ease the transition into this new phase of your business. 

When writing a press release for your rebrand, include:

  • What the changes are
  • Why the changes are taking place
  • How it affects your customers
  • When the changes go into effect
  • Quotes from leadership

Executive promotions

At bigger companies, executive promotions are considered big news. Organizations are constantly hiring and replacing leadership roles. Announcing changes in key positions can help stakeholders understand what’s going on and kick off a candidate’s new role in the company. 

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