VPN.com Announces Ninja.com For Sale

ATLANTA and DUBAI, United Arab Emirates and LONDON, Dec. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the last month of what has been an incredible 2019 for VPN.com, the company announced the domain Ninja.com is exclusively for sale at vpn.com/domains[1].

VPN.com was acquired in 2017 for $1 million and has now built a team of expert domain brokers[2] to lead transactions for similar premium domains, now including Ninja.com.

Details About Ninja.com Domain

1. Originally Registered: March 4, 1996 2. 24,285 Existing Backlinks to Ninja.com 3. Ultra-Premium .com 4. One Word English Dictionary .com 5. Phenomenal Five-Letter Brandable Domain 6. Gracefully Transcends Many Industries of Business 7. Powerful SEO, Domain Authority and Domain Age

Details About “Ninja” Keyword

1. Google Search Results: 540,000,000 2. Number of Global Monthly Searches: 1,400,000 3. Google Cost-Per-Click: $.90 USD 4. AHREFS Keyword Difficulty: 75/100 5. Very competitive keyword in Google, a brand must have competitive advantage to rank in top 10. Ninja.com can provide this!

“We have had a record year of premium exact-match domain sales, specifically one-word .com domains. Domains like Ninja.com are extremely rare and transcend many industries of business. From gaming and gambling to kitchenware and sports, Ninja.com provides any visionary with a premium, short URL to build their business and brand on,” said Sharjil Saleem[3], VP of Domains at VPN.com.

Over the last six months, VPN.com has established a reputation as a leading purveyor of high value, exact-match domains. When negotiating six, seven and eight figure domain name transactions[4], it’s necessary to find the right end-users in order to maximize the best digital real-estate the Internet has to offer.

“The last year has been an amazing success for us. We have helped countless politicians, entrepreneurs and brands acquire their matching .com domain. This has allowed us to leave our mark on the Internet in a very unique way. Connecting with great end-users and brands with the budget for these premium domains we have done for over a decade. It is exciting to set our sites on a gem like Ninja.com,” said Michael Gargiulo[5] CEO at VPN.com[6].

Ninja.com presents a great opportunity for more than 190 companies across the globe. These brands include: NinjaKitchen.com, President Mr. Mark BarrocasNinjaCasino.com, CEO Mr. Tobias FagerlundTeamNinja.com, Professional Gamer Mr. Richard BlevinsKawasaki, CEO Mr.Eigo KonyaAmerican Ninja Warrior, NBCUniversal CEO Mr. Stephen Burke[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17]

Successful deals by VPN.com in 2019 include Audit.com, CIA.com, Detect.com, GTA.com, J8.com, SiteMaps.com and XGA.com. A full list of deals and premium domains for sale can be found at vpn.com/domains[18].

“Over the next 10 years, the amount of people connected to the Internet will grow from 4.5 billion today to over 7.5 billion in 2030. This will virtually double all competition in every industry, making it substantially harder to standout as a brand and win in a marketplace with anything less than the best products and even better locations. Premium domain names, like Ninja.com, will provide only one brand the opportunity to define this word, forever. We look forward to being a part of this,” concluded Sharjil Saleem.

To submit offers, referrals or comments, please email: sharjil@vpn.com[19] or michael@vpn.com[20]. If you or someone you know own premium domains or need help acquiring them, please visit: https://www.vpn.com/domains[21]. For a current list of Buy Requests, please visit: https://www.vpn.com/domains/request[22]. For more information about VPN.com Domain Acquisitions, please visit: https://www.vpn.com/domains/acquisition[23]. Other Premium Domains Available Exclusively at vpn.com/domains[24] Apology.com Biker.com Bribe.comBuscar.com (search in Spanish)Cola.com


About VPN.comVPN.com aims to be the worldwide leader in exact-match domain name acquisitions by brokering $100 million in domains by 2022. The company has acquired and brokered some of the most recognized domains on the Internet, helping brands create permanent competitive advantages in their space. In addition to domain brokerage, VPN.com provides other Internet services as well, with a mission of helping 1 billion people protect their privacy online by 2025.

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For media and interview inquiries, please email: pr@vpn.com or visit: https://www.vpn.com/press[32][33]

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/7b648974-3020-443a-9a14-ff04ef8540aa[34]


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