XYZ Registry to launch 5 new gTLDs in 2020

The XYZ Registry has recently expanded its portfolio of new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) with the acquisition of five new gTLDs. The new extensions will be made available to the public later in 2020, according to the XYZ Registry’s recent press release.

The XYZ Registry operates various new gTLDs, including .XYZ, currently the third most popular new gTLD with nearly 3 million registered domain names (the two most popular being .ICU with some 6.5 million domain names and .TOP with some 3.7 million domain names). The rest of its portfolio consists of .BABY, .COLLEGE, .MONSTER, .PROTECTION, .RENT, .SECURITY, .STORAGE and .THEATRE, as well as .AUTO, .CAR and .CARS, the three of which are operated through a joint venture with Uniregistry. These new acquisitions make XYZ Registry the operator of a total of 17 new gTLDs.

The first acquisition to be announced was .QUEST, a dormant dot-brand new gTLD which the XYZ Registry acquired at the end of 2019 from the Registry Quest ION Limited. In its press release, the XYZ Registry presents .QUEST as “the expert new domain that signifies the solution to any search. […] Knowledgeable businesses, organizations, and individuals can use .Quest to mark their website as the leading destination for their audience. It will allow the domain owner to effectively show their customers that they will guide them to the end of their search.”

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