Over the years I have had many successes and also many lows but with every website, I have learnt something new. What can be done quicker, better and works better for the search engines.

Today, I have decided to share with you all my Rank and Rent (R&R) method and how I am able to get the results and also the clients that rent my assets.

I am open enough to say all of my ranking and renting knowledge is not my own, I did learn from other renowned SEO’ers.

Awesome R&R Tutorials

Each of these SEO guru’s has its own guides for ranking and renting. My guide will offer you something more and with that, help get more from your assets.

Who benefits from Rank & Rent websites?

Local business who offer a service or a product is always looking for new customers. These are the businesses who you must build and rank websites with the intention of renting.

These types of businesses are your bread and butter.

Here is an example…

A plumbing company is always looking for new clients. It does not matter if they are already on page 1 of Google with their website (10% of the first-page real estate), they would prefer to have 20% of the websites showing on page 1, two means of customers contacting them!


Throughout this guide, I am going to assume you have some web knowledge including:

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • WordPress

If you are not familiar with any of the above, I would suggest heading over to Google and learning about those topics and then coming back to this post.

FYI: Are you interested in learning this way of making a living online. Try this Rank and Rent course[41]. I have done it and won’t look back. Everything you need to know to make a successful business online.

What is Rank & Rent Method?

The simplest way to explain R&R:

The Rank/Rent method is a tactic that allows you to build a website, rank it in the local search results, and then rent the site out to a local business.

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