• Cold calling
  • Emailing individual businesses
  • Stick a sign on your website “Available or Rent”

I would advise cold calling and emailing businesses who your asset will ass value.

When speaking/emailing use the stats you have collected through your tracking as this will show evidence that your rank,rent the asset can deliver and increase their ROI.

Rank and Rent CourseRank and Rent Course

Rank and Rent Course

Never one to think I know everything, I am constantly signing up to courses as a way of improving my SEO knowledge and skills to get better rankings and position that stick on Google.

I recently joined Rank and Rent Club[50] (by Herc Magnus and Todd Spears), a course that is 100% designed around the Rank and Rent method and I can say this, it is one hell of a course.

The course takes you through everything I have spoken about in this post but in way more detail. They actually show you how to:

  • Research keywords
  • How to design and build the websites you are going to rent out
  • How to rank them on Google and in Google My Business
  • How to rent them out to potential businesses.

It is probably the most complete course out there and what is even better, it is constantly being updated with current trends and also techniques that are 100% working online.

This course has helped me so much with the finer things in terms of the R&R website design, but also the renting out of the website (which can be the hardest part of the whole process).I honestly believe that anyone who follows the course step by step is going to succeed in creating an online residual income and it is something that you can rinse and repeat doubling your income every time you rent another website out to a business.

What you will get when you signup

When you signup to the course, you will not only get the course complete with videos, worksheets and more but you will also get all the Softwares included.

Here is a breakdown of what you get:

  • Full club access
  • GMB & PBN training (which is massive)
  • Live webinar training
  • Keyword Supremacy
  • Project Supremacy V3
  • Local Supremacy
  • SerpScout

Everything you need to make a successful business building and renting websites online.

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