Last Updated: 25 November 2020

Rank/Rent Definition

Rank & Rent is a local SEO strategy where you build, optimise and then sell leads from a website that you own. You choose the niche, the location of your asset and when the website is generating emails and phone calls, you approach a relevant business and sell them the leads every month.

Learn Rank and Rent with the best Course online

I have recently completed a Rank and Rent course which I can not praise enough. The course goes into so much more detail than I have in this post and if you are looking to make it in the Rank & Rent game, check it out. Click here[37] to be taken to the course section or scroll towards the end of this post.

The Rank and Rent Guide for 2021

For many years I have been building, ranking and then renting out websites to local businesses in the UK & USA.

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